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Communication is everything.

Connect with people more efficiently

Influence others to take action

Elevate your success!

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Is fear holding you back?

Or are you frustrated with your presentation skills?

Are you on top of your game?

Are people tuning you out?

What we have here is a failure to communicate.


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Let Karroll K. Alexander help you become

the effective communicator you deserve to be.

 32Px - 087  Communication 101

Our ability to communicate is what sets the human race apart...and the ability to communicate more effectively can set you apart from competitors in business. Successfully listening, engaging and influencing can mean perfecting that project, landing that sale, or scoring that promotion. Everything hinges on communication.

32Px - 194  Know Your Audience

It is impossible to communicate effectively without knowing your audience. Everyone sees and hears you through their own unique filters, and it takes a skillful navigator to get around the blocks and obstacles people can put up. The influential communicator is the one whose unique key opens everyone’s lock.

32Px - 091 Total Self Confidence

When you are truly at the top of your game, you have the confidence, presence and influence necessary to get the results you desire through effective communications. A gifted few are born with it; the rest of us need a coach with the experience and proven system to teach us the life skills that will allow us to succeed.

32Px - 087 Testimonials

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EYCPS raised the effectiveness of my communications skills to a whole new level. Karroll
challenged me to stretch my capabilities like never before, unlocking the dynamic communicator
within me. With EYCPS, I acquired the tools and confidence to communicate with impact.
Today, EYCPS forms the cornerstone of how I connect with audiences – from one-on-one
conversations to large group presentations. Karroll is an amazing coach.

-Velma Redmond
Vice President - VA

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I had the pleasure of working with Karroll for six months (although our relationship has extended
far beyond the contracted end date) and I can say that it was the most challenging, rewarding, and
enriching experience of my professional life. Karroll fully dedicated himself and used every tool
he had – his keen perception, his long experience in Human Resources, and his impactful delivery
– to parse down how I could more effectively communicate with, and ultimately lead, people.
Karroll helped me build and connect to my “dream team” of direct reports; perform at a much higher
level; and find greater fulfillment in my work. I will always be grateful for the lifelong lessons that
he taught me.

-Monica Na
Senior Rates Manager - CA

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I’ve always considered improved communication skills in terms of expressing myself better,
sounding better, and being perceived as more polished. What I didn’t realize until experiencing
EYCPS is the results that can generate! By consistently practicing and building the “Life Skills,”
I have been able to get more of what I want from both my personal and professional life through
increased power, credibility, and influence. Thank you, Karroll K!

-Linda Resau
Director Global Translations - NC

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If you seek to stimulate a group or motivate your colleagues, Karroll is the speaker you desire.
He flawlessly delivered a personal and targeted presentation to a group of young professionals
at the 2012 AZ Water conference that left many in attendance later commenting how truly inspiring
his message was. I will absolutely turn to Karroll as my first choice for any career/communications
speaking engagements in the future.

- Miles H. Kiger
J.D. Candidate - D.C.

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As a business consultant my ability to communicate effectively defines my success. Karroll
always challenges me to my full potential every time I work with him, and he NEVER settles
for anything less. I have developed respect for him not only as a communications consultant,
but a professional career coach. His 8 Life Skills have changed the way I engage with clients,
colleagues, and friends.

-Azar Zaidi
Director of Professional Recruiting - CA

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Karroll has worked with me and my management team in the areas of Coaching, Communications
(EYCPS) and Supervisor Development. His ability to effectively listen, draw out the best in
participants and influence behaviors is just amazing! He has developed customized programs and
delivers them in a challenging, participatory and fun way. Don't hesitate to jump on the Alexander
K. Group bandwagon..

-Edward Simon
Vice President - CA

32Px - 087 Upcoming Events

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Open To The Public

September 22-23, 2016

Phoenix, AZ

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